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It will be several months before there will be any amplifier work. Was out of the country for an extended period and it will take time to restock supplies and update test equipment.

Past Projects

Experimental 6SN7 amplifier Experimental prototype amplifier using 6SN7GT dual triode as output tubes orginally built to become a kit. Two channel stereo amplifier, each channel uses one half of a 6SN7 as output the other half is a driver stage. The input is 12AX7 dual triode one section per channel. Input sensitivity is 1/2 volt, output power is 1/2 watt max. This is sufficient power to drive headphone to a decent level. When used with speakers having a sensitivity of 87db 1W/1m or higher this amplifier provides plenty of volume for casual listening in smaller areas. With a power consumption of only 25 watts the amplifier is economical to operate. More information 6SN7 AMPLIFIER.

vacuum tube turntable pre-amplifier Turntable pre-amplifier includes volume, balance and tone controls for matching turntable to system. Monitor jack can drive high impedance headphones for private listening. Output is cathode follower providing a lower impedance output reducing cable capacitance effects. Uses four tubes, three 12AX7 and one 12AU7.

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